Prints Only

We create our own prints inspired from the '60s and '70s era. Our founder, Louise, is the designer behind every patterns.

Zero Waste

We produce your clothes after you ordered. In pre-order only. The fabrics are printed specifically for each piece and order. No overconsumption.

Made Locally

Our production is in Europe, we are making everything as local as possible. The fabrics are in the Netherlands and our ateliers are in Portugal.

Shipping Worldwide

We are sending our orders to anyone around the world who wants to wear mood-boosting clothes and support our small business.

As featured in

'60 wonderland

"Balou’s printed denim offering are a ’60 wonderland. Best of all, the label is zero-waste and completely made-to-order, so you can make a statement, while being sustainable. "

— Vogue Australia

Fashion girls are obsessed

"Pucci-inspired prints are popping up everywhere and fashion girls are obsessed."

— WhoWhatWear

Mood-boosting prints

"Balou’s silhouette are as classic as it comes - oversized button-downs and straight-leg denim, spruced up with mood-boosting prints."

— The Zoe Report

The GAB print

@alicepilate in the organic pants

GAB is the trendy pattern. The "green quetzal" named after the Quetzal, an exotic bird with shimmering feathers, is in vogue this spring. It is a vivid green that inspires feelings of joy and liberty. Also, did you notice the pink accents? To obtain an alluring mixture, that is!

"I absolutely love my Balou pieces and would love to order a few more. The quality, price and prints are all wonderful, including the packaging. I was so happy to receive my pieces and love wearing them."

— Andrea - New York, USA

Handmade ceramics

We make by hand each ceramics. mugs, plates and vases.


What's Coming

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