How does it work?


Zero waste

We produce your clothes after you have placed an order, exclusively in pre-order. The fabrics are printed specifically for each individual piece and order, ensuring no overconsumption.


Made locally

Our production takes place in Europe, as we strive to keep everything as local as possible. We create our patterns in France and design our prints in Switzerland. The fabrics are sourced from the Netherlands, and our ateliers are located in Portugal.


Shipping Worldwide

We are sending our orders to anyone around the world who wants to wear mood-boosting clothes and support our small business. Please note that there is a 6-week processing time before shipment for each order.



BALOU, how does it work ?

Our pieces are available for pre-order. It means that you order them before they are produced. When a pre-order is open, you have a few days or weeks to order the product. Once the pre-order is complete, our workshops start production. Then we deliver to you a few weeks later.


Why in pre-order ?

Buying clothes that you won't receive until several weeks later can come as a surprise, especially in the age of immediacy. But know that we do not take pleasure in making you wait. The pre-order is just the best model we have found to fight against overproduction and waste. Thanks to this system, we only produce what is strictly necessary.

But buying in pre-order also means giving back its true value to the time necessary for creating and manufacturing quality clothing and objects. It gives meaning to your purchases and consumption. Waiting makes us think: we only pre-order pieces that we really need or want.


The stages of creation of our pieces

1. The prototype

2. Pre-Order

3. The printing of our fabrics

4. Manufacturing

5. Delivery


How long do I need to wait ?

1. Pre-order = 1-15 days
2. Fabric printing = 2-3 weeks
3. Production in Lisbon, Portugal = 2 weeks.

4. Transport to our logistician = 2 days
5. Reception and quality control + preparation of the packages = 24 hours.
6. Delivery to your home = 1 to 3 days in Europe and 3-6 days to the rest of the world.


What happens in case of delay?

While making your piece, we write to you to give you some news. In case of delay, we warn you in real-time and you can cancel your order by sending us a simple e-mail.