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reprinting the future with positive motives.

We are a part of this first generation that will have to fight for its survival. This reality is hardly tangible, but it is genuine. The waters are overflowing; social peace is waning; climates are intermingling... But if the future turns out to be pessimistic, we want to believe in it and contribute to a new optimism. 

So we created Balou, amid a pandemic, to combat this gloom by imagining a line of products inspired by a joyful 70’s era with an eco-responsible value: zero waste and produced locally. Louise, our founder, printed a universe of her own, optimistic, positive, colorful, responsible, and benevolent. 

Balou does everything in its power to : 

Minimize its environmental footprint, take good care of its seamstresses, produce its fabrics on demand and to measure so as not to throw anything away, use inks and materials that are as natural as possible, learn from past mistakes, make-to-order each piece,

Balou is a social project, a new entrepreneurial vision driven by the desire to do better for his generation and the next. 

The Magic of Carefree

Born out of the pandemic and the impact of its confinement on the life of a young fashion student, Balou grew up in the colorful imagination of an optimistic and committed young designer. One print at a time, Balou’s vibrant collection has made its way into the inner circle of international media. 

Our Mission

We provide the highest quality printed clothing and textiles with an eco-responsible value: zero waste and produced in France, allowing our customers to participate in the customization of their own limited pieces made for them. 

Point of View

Otherwise, one step at a time. We are the first generation of our recent humanity that will have to reinvent itself to survive. Whether environmentally, economically, or socially, our generation must give itself the means to correct past mistakes. 

Fashion is a statement. Choosing a brand means choosing to support a social project. It means a way of doing and a way of being. 

Our Team


Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Began her education at Parsons School of Design where she majored in Fashion Design. She was able to develop her identity as a designer through projects and collaborations with different companies in Paris : in 2018, she was selected by Tranoï to exhibit her work at Le Carrousel du Louvre and in 2019 she exhibited with Swarovski. Louise had the chance to work alongside companies like Maison Lesage and Yves Delorme. In 2019, she made her thesis collection titled «Le Rétais». Her interest in eco-friendly fashion concepts and materials, and her will to explore the most responsible and sustainable options have driven her research. However, the main focus of her reflection is the notion of transmission from generation to generation.  Progressively, prints became one of the core aspects developed in her thesis work. In March 2021, she decided to launch her own brand BALOU.


Brand Manager

After a Bsc at ESCP Europe, she decided to undertake a Master's at Imperial College in London, both in International Management. Camille developed a desire to work on an environmentally responsible project during this period, understanding that it was critical to a company's long-term success. Her motivation to work in fashion stems from her love of high-quality textiles and the present challenges that businesses in the industry are facing. She is keen to take part in the challenge of balancing customers' ever-increasing desires with today's socio-economic goals and she'd like to lend her expertise to help the fashion industry have a constructive influence. BALOU shares this vision, and it has been a great pleasure for Camille to be part of it since 2022 as the brand manager.

Prints Only

We create our own prints inspired from the '60s and '70s era. Our founder, Louise, is the designer behind every

Zero Waste

We produce your clothes after you ordered. In pre-order only. The fabrics are printed specifically for each piece and order. No overconsumption.

Made Locally

Our production is in Europe, we are making everything as local as possible. The fabrics are in the Netherlands and our little productions are in Portugal near Lisbon.

Shipping Worldwide

We are sending our orders to anyone around the world who wants to wear mood-boosting clothes and support
our small business.