Redefining the future of fashion with an eco-responsible brand with vibrant 70s-inspired prints.

We are a part of this first generation that will have to fight for its survival. This reality is hardly tangible, but it is genuine. The waters are overflowing; social peace is waning; climates are intermingling... But if the future turns out to be pessimistic, we want to believe in it and contribute to a new optimism. 

So we created Balou, amid a pandemic, to combat this gloom by imagining a line of products inspired by a joyful 70’s era with an eco-responsible value: zero waste and produced locally. Louise, our founder, printed a universe of her own, optimistic, positive, colorful, responsible, and benevolent. 

Balou does everything in its power to : 

Minimize its environmental footprint, take good care of its seamstresses, produce its fabrics on demand and to measure so as not to throw anything away, use inks and materials that are as natural as possible, learn from past mistakes, make-to-order each piece, 

Balou is a social project, a new entrepreneurial vision driven by the desire to do better for his generation and the next.